Personal Training in Wolverhampton city centre. 3P Wolverhampton is the ultimate environment for achieving your goals. Whether you wish to attend one of our unique classes, receive highly personalised personal training or small group packages, attend courses and seminars or book us for something a little bit different, we will offer the space to do so. With top quality equipment and a friendly atmosphere we are sure to put a smile on your face!

Our Facility is designed around no frills, high quality training. You wont find a cross trainer here, but you will find multiple tools that will do a much better job, saving you time and frustration!

3P Wolverhampton is owned and operated by Robert ‘Bobby’ Palmer, an Ex Commando Sapper with years of experience in coaching people of various backgrounds for a plethora of goals ranging from wanting to simply lose a little bit of weight to competing at national level in sports and even Elite Forces selection candidates.

You can be assured that if it doesn’t fit our business model, it wont be in your training! 

3P Wolverhampton is outfitted by some of the best names in the fitness industry with some of our regularly used equipment list includes High quality barbells, strength and conditioning equipment  AirBikes and Ski Ergs and much more to develop full body strength, conditioning and tailoring your body composition to your goal.


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