DRIVEN Fitness class Wolverhampton

The DRIVEN Fitness class in Wolverhampton city centre is a one of a kind, small group training class that runs throughout the week with a MAXIMUM of 8 participants ensuring coaching quality remains to a high standard.

This class is specifically designed to create a more functional human by using real world movements to build strength, endurance, decrease body fat and increase quality of life.


So, how does it work? The program is set over 3 months and focusses on three key areas. Strength, Endurance and Power. These three key elements, when developed in combination produce exceptional results both physically and mentally. Making you look better and feel more confident!

DRIVEN is scalable to all abilities and as such is open to people from all walks of life from the complete fitness novice to advanced athletes.

Every DRIVEN class is ran exclusively out of 3P Wolverhampton and is designed by the Owner for long term benefit.

During DRIVEN classes we use a variety of equipment ranging from AirBikes to Kettlebells, Bands, barbells, our own bodyweight and much more.

Each week the Program focusses on either upper body, lower body or full body training (although each session will always have some form of cardiovascular element to them!) You can view the timetable from the link to the right!

DRIVEN is priced to be accessible to all because at 3P we believe that everyone deserves the right to be a little fitter and have a better quality of life!

So, Why don’t you come down and try for yourself by clicking the FREE TRIAL CLASS for the DRIVEN Fitness class in Wolverhampton? or contact us to find out more.

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